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Prettau – Dental Implant Bridge

Prettau – Dental Implant Bridge

If you have suffered long enough with loose dentures or full dentures are recommended for treatment after removing the remaining teeth a fixed full arch bridge might be the best option for you.


The Prettau implant fixed bridge is fully made out of solid Zirconia porcelain with absolutely no plastic. The procedure consists of placing 5-8 implants per arch in a single visit after removing any remaining teeth. A temporary removable or fixed bridge is fitted at the same visit. After a period of healing, fabricating the final Prettau fixed bridge starts, which involves few appointments to accurately take impressions and try in the bridge for esthetics and fit. Every bridge is custom designed for every patient to match the color of the gums and to create the shape and color of the teeth desired.


Planning for the Prettau fixed implant bridge involves C.T. Scans to precisely plan the implants positions. Dr. Seleem uses a dental lab that specializes in fabricating the Preattau implant bridge that in turn uses the highest level of computer guided technology to fabricate the final fixed implant bridge.


For further information please call us to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr.Seleem.

Prettau Dental Implants
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